Aromatherapy Technique

aromatherapy massageAromatherapy Technique is our newest service to help your body restore and rejuvenate.  It is an excellent way to experience the essential oils your body needs at the time of your appointment.

The 60 minute session consists of:

  • an iTOVI scan – provides a snapshot of products that support your body’s needs
  • application of therapeutic essential oils
  • a 30 minute sauna – to enhance the absorption of the essential oils

The essential oils are applied to your Vita Flex Points on the bottoms of your feet and on your back. We also diffuse emotional balancing essential oils to enhance your session.

Some of the benefits you may experience are:
1. Restore balance in the body
2. Detoxify the cells and blood in the body
3. Boost antioxidants
4. Stimulate the immune system
5. Promote emotional, physical and spiritual healing
6. Regeneration and oxygenation of cells
7. Raise the frequency in the body, restoring it to its normal, healthy level

This technique differs from a regular massage where the therapist does the work to experiencing the partnering effect of the therapist, the essential oils and the infrared sauna working together with your body to rebalance and rejuvenate.   The essential oils begin working immediately and continue assisting the body after you leave.


Why use essential oils? 

Pure essential oils are alive.  They are the volatile liquids that are distilled from plants.  Their purpose in the plant is to help it heal from injury, stay healthy and grow.  When we use these substances they partner with our bodies to do the same thing.

Essential oils are chemically very heterogeneous – meaning they are very diverse in their effects and can perform different functions.  An example is lavender: it can be used for burns, insect bites, headaches, PMS, insomnia, stress and so forth. Reference Guide for Essential Oils, Connie and Alan Higley.


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