Ear Candling

Ear candlingEar Candling is the holistic way of relieving earaches, sinus issues, and other common issues related to the ear. It has been used since 2500 B.C., and is an ancient method used to help with the previous problems mentioned. An ear candle is beeswax or paraffin wax coated cloth that is shaped into a cylinder. We use the ear candle to place in the ear during treatment. While the candle is burning, our therapists will perform massage therapy techniques to help relax you. The massage techniques also encourage more relief around the sinuses and ears. We do not claim that ear candling cures conditions, only that it will help to bring balance and promote healing.

Ear Candling F.A.Q.:

1. The candle is actually on fire? 
Yes. In order to produce the smoke that soothes the villi inside of your ear, the candle needs to be lit. It is far enough away from your head that the candle will NOT burn you. As the candle starts to burn lower, your therapist will distinguish it in water.

2. Are there any contraindications for ear candling? 
Yes. If you have had surgeries in or around your ears, ear candling is not recommended for you.

3. What is the substance that is in the ear candle when the treatment is done? 
When the candle is removed, a discolored, often brown, waxy substance often appears in the candle stub. Some ear candling practitioners believe that this is earwax, bacteria, or other material extracted from the ear canal. However, research shows that ear candles do not suck substances out of the ear. There is no reliable evidence that ear candling can remove earwax or treat other conditions.

4. How often should I get ear candling? 
Ear candling should only be performed at the most, every couple of months. We do not want to irritate the villi and ear structures by performing this technique too often.


I just had the ear candling done at Tree of Life. I was amazed at the result. I have been told by many doctors that they can’t see in my ear due to too much wax. I have also had my ears flushed only to leave me dizzy and nauseous for the rest of the day and without very good results. After my ear handling session, not only did quite a bit of wax come out, but I had no side effects of dizziness or nausea. Not only that, but you receive a relaxing massage during and after the treatment. I highly recommend it! I give this treatment 5 stars! – Jacci

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