Relaxation Massage

Professional Relaxation MassageRelaxation Massage is a massage used to relax you. This massage uses lighter, flowing strokes over the body. This increases blood flow and warms the skin. Relaxation massage is very relaxing and sometimes clients even fall asleep. You may have physical, physiological or emotional stresses in your life in which relaxation massage is very helpful in decreasing. During a relaxation massage, the goal is not to work on your ‘knots’ but to only ensure that you relax as much as possible.





Massage Benefits   I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a few months ago and started going to Tree of Life for pain management and relaxation.  My massages have been wonderful and so uplifting.  My massage therapist Mariah is so very caring.  She is very professional and is committed to the client.  My weekly massages have given my body the energy and strength to make it through another day.  I am so blessed to have found Tree of Life during this challenging time.   – Steve

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