Types of Insurance Accepted

Health Saving Account / Flexible Spending

You are able to use your H.S.A. or Flexible spending accounts towards for your therapeutic massage sessions with a note from a Doctor or Chiropractor stating that you would benefit from massage as needed. You will be responsible to pay for your massage session up front. After submitting a receipt for your session as well as a copy of the Doctors note, you will then be reimbursed. Some H.S.A. or Flex spending accounts come along with a credit card and we are able to accept that in the office so there is no need for reimbursement.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Your Auto Insurance will reimburse Tree of Life if you have been in a motor vehicle accident. Motor Vehicle Accidents are covered by your auto insurance with a prescription from a Doctor or a Chiropractor that refers you to Tree of Life. All you have to do is bring in the prescription and we will do the rest. Make sure you get care right away if you have been in an accident. Your body can show signs and symptoms months after the accident happens so don’t wait.

Workers Compensation

If you have had a work related injury and are receiving medical care talk with you doctor to see if Therapeutic massage would speed up recovery time. Tree of Life is able to bill Workers Comp with a prescription from a Doctor or a Chiropractor. Massage has shown to get you feeling better sooner and back to work more quickly. Talk to you Doctor about a prescription to Tree of Life today.