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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Client
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a VERY gentle, slow, repetitive and rhythmic massage that mimics the action of your body’s lymph system and helps to reduce swelling and pain. The Lymphatic System is a key part of your cardiovascular system; therefore, if you have certain heart conditions, it is not advisable to receive MLD treatment. It is critical that the heart and kidneys are functioning well enough to process the lymphatic return that is stimulated by the specialized massage. If your Lymphatic system itself (i.e. lymph node removal) is itself compromised, certain precautions need to be taken in the MLD treatment.
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What to Expect at Your Appointment
MLD is a light, skin stretching technique; it requires skin-on-skin contact to be performed effectively. Clients are asked to be completely undressed beneath the sheet and blanket. You will always be professionally draped to maintain your privacy, comfort and warmth. If you feel the need to leave your underwear on, of course, your decision will be respected. Your feeling of safety and comfort is first and foremost. In that case, please be sure that you are wearing briefs, rather than boxers or “boy shorts.” These prevent access to the inguinal lymph nodes, which are very important to treat any lower extremity issues or during a full-body MLD session.

For most conditions, the MLD treatment begins at the neck. The abdomen is the next treatment area. It is very important to work the abdominal area. This will only be excluded if there are specific contraindications, recent surgery to the area, or perhaps if it is only a client’s face that needs MLD. The Lymphatic System has a specific direction of flow and pathway through the body. Clearing the areas “in front” of the focus area is a key part of the treatment. You can think of it like clearing the leaves and debris from gutters. You cannot ask the gutter to receive more debris, if it is already full. It’s the same with your Lymphatic System. MLD is facilitating greater movement of the lymph fluid and therefore we need to prime and clear the lymph nodes.

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